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Letter to the Prime Minister and BC Premier on welfare time limits

A letter written to Prime Minister Paul Martin and Premier Gordon Campbell, endorsed by 137 organizations, asking them to act immediately, together and separately, to ensure that legislation which imposes a twenty-four month time limit on eligibility for welfare in B.C. is rescinded before April 1, 2004, and that no similar provision is implemented in B.C. or any other […]

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Moving Forward on Women’s Equality, Brief to the Standing Committee on Finance Pre-Budget Consultation (September 2003)

The B.C. CEDAW Group submits that the federal government, when considering spending priorities, must take into account 1) the negative impact on women of recent cuts and changes to social programs and services made in the Province of British The B.C. CEDAW Group’s submission to the Standing Committee on Finance, outlining that the federal government, […]

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An Assessment of the Implementation of the Social Union Framework Agreement (SUFA) from a B.C. Perspective (October 2002)

concerns that SUFA has not, to date, been implemented in a way that improves social conditions and social protections for Canadians, or provides meaningful dialogue between citizens1 and governments about the social union. The current situation of the poorest and most vulnerable people in B.C. reveals the harm of this failure. The purpose of this […]

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Recommendations to Heritage Canada regarding information that should be included in Canada’s 4th report to the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (October 2001)

A letter from the Poverty and Human Rights Project to Heritage Canada on four issues which are of critical importance to the overall approach taken by Canada as a State Party to the implementation of economic and social rights in response to a request for input from non-governmental organizations into Canada’s fourth report on its compliance with the International Covenant on […]

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