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McIvor v. Canada 2019

In the ongoing McIvor versus Canada case, These are the latest decisions and submissions. Decision of the United Nations Human Rights Committee on the Petition of Sharon McIvor and Jacob Grismer, January 11, 2019. Submission of Sharon McIvor and Jacob Grismer regarding measures Canada has taken to provide an effective and enforceable remedy for the […]

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Human rights treaty implementation: The Consensus on Canada

This Law Sheet identifies overlapping areas of human rights treaty obligation in which various international monitoring bodies have found Canada’s performance to be unsatisfactory. The extent of the consensus regarding Canada’s non-compliance with its human rights obligations in particular areas, that exists among the international monitoring bodies applying different treaties, serves to highlight some of […]

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The Right to Housing under International Human Rights Law (October 2002)

Not everyone may realize that governments in Canada are obligated to ensure that everyone has adequate housing. However, Canada is a signatory to international human rights treaties that oblige governments to address conditions of poverty, and to ensure that everyone has an adequate standard of living, including adequate housing. The central human rights treaty concerning the right to housing […]

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Recommendations to Heritage Canada regarding information that should be included in Canada’s 4th report to the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (October 2001)

A letter from the Poverty and Human Rights Project to Heritage Canada on four issues which are of critical importance to the overall approach taken by Canada as a State Party to the implementation of economic and social rights in response to a request for input from non-governmental organizations into Canada’s fourth report on its compliance with the International Covenant on […]

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