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Victoria (City) v. Adams: Advancing the Right to Shelter

Victoria (City) v. Adams is an important B.C. case about social and economic rights. The issue in this case was whether a City bylaw which required homeless people to remove tents and any overhead protection, while sleeping in Cridge Park, violated their right to life, liberty and security of the person. This is a key case […]

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The Role of International Social and Economic Rights in the Interpretation of Domestic Law in Canada

This Law Sheet, produced by the Poverty and Human Rights Centre, is concerned with the role that international human rights law can play in the interpretation of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and other laws in Canada. It is intended to assist lawyers in their advocacy work before courts and tribunals. It is […]

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Human rights treaty implementation: The Consensus on Canada

This Law Sheet identifies overlapping areas of human rights treaty obligation in which various international monitoring bodies have found Canada’s performance to be unsatisfactory. The extent of the consensus regarding Canada’s non-compliance with its human rights obligations in particular areas, that exists among the international monitoring bodies applying different treaties, serves to highlight some of […]

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The Right to Social Assistance: 14 Questions and Answers (October 2003)

British Columbia is the only province in Canada to place a time limit on welfare eligibility. From diverse perspectives, many people are concerned about the harmful results of this harsh and unprecedented new rule. This report is a response to numerous requests that the Poverty and Human Rights Project has received from concerned groups and […]

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The Right to Housing under International Human Rights Law (October 2002)

Not everyone may realize that governments in Canada are obligated to ensure that everyone has adequate housing. However, Canada is a signatory to international human rights treaties that oblige governments to address conditions of poverty, and to ensure that everyone has an adequate standard of living, including adequate housing. The central human rights treaty concerning the right to housing […]

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